Rose Bouquet

Rose Bouquet

Independent art projects gather for a collective portrait

Marsèlleria, Via privata Rezia 2, Milano

Workshop: November 11–12

Opening days: November 16-26, 2017, Mon-Fri, 10 am - 6 pm
Opening: November 15, 7-9 pm

London: Jupiter Woods, Almanac, Clearview, Auto Italia, Res
Milano: Current, Fanta, Idioletta, Mega, 77, Siliqoon, Tile, Gasconade

With Rose Bouquet we inaugurate a preliminary mapping process - one of encounter and dialogue between artistic contexts which, though geographically distant, share missions and intentions, and an aptitude to rethink and continuously rework organisational structures, both existing and fictional ones.

Independent spaces based in Milan and London are invited to gather and enter in conversation, to open up a collective reflection that evokes personified roles, and the processes and methodologies inaugurated by these structures, wherein institutional hierarchies leave space to new dynamics of production, collaboration and presentation.

The project is structured through an initial phase of a two-day workshop open to the public (booking required). Spaces and projects will be invited to gather, narrate themselves and reflect together. The days of workshop will unfold a reflection focused on three major themes: dynamics, geographies, contents. The forms will be the baggage carried into the context of this encounter: a sort of self portrait of intrinsic processes and dynamics active within each organization, utilised as a trigger for a first dialogue during the initial workshop, and worked upon in the following phases. The outcomes so generated will be available for the public to visit and consult in the form of exhibition for the following days, attempting the creation of a collective portrait.

- Organised by Carolina Ongaro (Jupiter Woods) and Andrea Magnani (Siliqoon)