The Fondle Tour - Mitra Saboury, Megan Snowe, Nina Sarnelle

Join us for an evening of screenings and performances as part of The Fondle Tour, on Friday 15th June at 7pm.

The Fondle Tour is a three-person show presenting new work by Mitra Saboury, Nina Sarnelle and Megan Snowe in an intimate event of everyday erotica, humor and doubt. In Saboury's videos, her body is used as a tool to clean the surrounding environment. Sarnelle's 'Tell me about yr research' is a language-driven music set that interacts with projected video. Snowe will read from a collection of soft-core raunch short stories about bodily detritus.

The Fondle Tour is traveling to:
June 11 - Zentrale, Vienna 
June 13 - A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam 
June 14 - Marwan, Amsterdam 
June 15 - Jupiter Woods, London
August 3 - American Medium, New York
August 19 - Driveway 327, Los Angeles