Research Group: Florilege

18 March

Florilege is a collaborative project between artists Nils Alix-Tabeling, Rebecca Jagoe and curator Carolina Ongaro. Fluctuating between research, collective learning and forms of display, Florilege wishes to activate stages of enquiry into approaches to knowledge-making, engaging the body and systems of interdependency occurring trans-species. Medicine and forms of healing, in particular, are here considered and questioned - as affecting spheres of life spanning the human and non-human.

Looking into medieval history and early modern cultures in the form of manuscripts, the project considers the margins as a trope to think about boundaries - those that contain and those that are crossed. In particular, the images at the edges—referenced by art historian Michael Camille as a metaphor for the outlawed—open a reflection on extra-textual space of representation, and the outside as a meaningful and productive territory for ambiguity that oversteps normativity.

Standing both for herbier as well as assemblage of pre-written texts, Florilege will gather writing and ephemera as a collection of disparate forms of knowledge in the form of a book, involving multiple collaborators as well as re-using classical forms of medical folios. The aim is to trouble medicine and Western science as ideologies or systems of collectively validated beliefs—and suggest novel ways of interpreting the relations of the body with the world.

The project will unfold January - July 2019, and will be punctuated by events that will be announced soon.

Kindly supported by Arts Council England and Fluxus Art Projects