Research Group: Forest Rangers

18 March

The second iteration of Forest Rangers was around The Ecological Commons led by Borbála Soós (Tenderpixel, London). Each meeting followed a different structure to expand the format of the reading group. On the first journey, we visited the sea where Borbála navigated the waters by presenting a performative lecture, recounting myths, rituals, artworks and quotes, including those from the reading list and beyond. The second journey entered the forest, thinking about how culture and forests are entangled and mutually contingent throughout human history.

Download pdfs from the first reading here.

Download pdfs from the second reading here.


From September to November 2018, Jupiter Woods hosted the first iteration of Forest Rangers, an artist-led platform focused on ecology(ies), ecosystems and their communities within the realm of art. Forest Rangers explores the current state of the commons and their possible future. With a particular focus on discussing the state of alternative art spaces, natural resources, education, open source economics and outer space migration, FR hopes to establish a comprehensible set of understandings and goals to nurture our common resources. Each group is lead by a researcher in order to spark conversation and prompt ideas, inviting participants to share their experiences and thoughts.

For readings from the first Forest Rangers session, please click here.

The project will be hosted at Jupiter Woods for its entire duration, culminating in the recording of 5 podcasts and a live event in 2019.