Fay Nicolson: A Community of Sensation

Fay Nicolson: A Community of Sensation

29 March — 30 April 2017

Throughout April 2017 London based artist Fay Nicolson was in residence at Jupiter Woods to develop her on-going project A Community of Sensation. This body of work previously existed as a multi-disciplinary scrap book for reflections on; learning, sense, aesthetics, reading, knowing and acting. Nicolson used Jupiter Woods as a site and set to: initiate performative acts; form magnetic collaborations; draft texts that are machines for thinking and scores for doing; and experiment with producing visual, material and sonic collages. 

A Community of Sensation built on Nicolson’s previous research around the value of embodied learning and its potential for radical or alternative ways of thinking that can operate outside of (or in parallel to) pedagogical strategies based on the primacy of language.

Nicolson’s residency was be punctuated with a series of public events that aimed to gather and solidify a network of people interested in similar ideas and approaches. 

Event #1: Disobedient Tutor Group

Wednesday 29 March, 7 - 9pm

Nicolson convened a gathering of Disobedient Tutors, calling for those who work within art education (and those with an interest in it) to meet, share experiences, and conjure strategies for navigating neo-liberal terrain. We discussed atomisation and internalization; the contradictions of critical and creative thinkers providing a service; the need to recognise the (student/staff) body and how it occupies and moves through ‘spaces’; the potential for covert strategies and collective actions; and other things brought to the table.

Nicolson hoped that this meeting would be the first of many and that the gathering would provide an extra-institutional space for artists to think rhizomatically about their practices, education and each other. 

Event #2: Workshop

Saturday 22 April, 1 - 5pm

With the second event on the occasion of her residency, Nicolson initiated a workshop to explore embodied learning and collaboratively generate new material. We pooled ideas; gathered, enacted and translated research; and initiated and documented (inter)actions. The workshop weaved through ideas of learning; internalised gestures; misreading; copying; the motif or refrain; digression; and latencies between sound, mark and meaning.

Event #3: Listening

Saturday 29 April, 6 - 9pm

Fay Nicolson
Annie Davey
Jenny Moore
Laura Oldfield Ford

To conclude her residency, Fay invited Annie Davey, Jenny Moore and Laura Oldfield Ford to share sound and music that has been important to them and had opened up new ways of thinking or doing in relation to their practices, or at a particular juncture in their lives. There focus was on the (trans)formative possibilities of music, the voice and sound.

Fay invited contributors that have shared moments of talking about, dancing to or making music with her recently; and hoped to find out more about the music that has moved and informed them and their work. Fay introduced the evening with some audio works that have been important to her current project A Community of Sensation.