Anti-racism pledge

09 June 2020
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Jupiter Woods stands in love, rage and solidarity with those who continue to suffer racial injustice. We are committed to fighting racism and dismantling ongoing forms of oppression and systemic white supremacy. As a small art organisation led by white women, we are dedicated to understanding the current events as a further opportunity to unlearn and re-learn, and foster better practices that can contribute to the changes we wish to see in the world.

We will make this a priority of our upcoming activity, one that reflects on the roles and responsibilities of small art organisations in the current system and economy, and in following a need to question, learn and reconfigure in order to break patterns of inequality, violence and injustice of every kind.

With thanks to the ACE Emergency Fund we are able to embark on a new journey, with the aim of building pathways for a more resilient, equitable and sustainable structure for the organisation and the people we work with. This work follows 6 years of incredibly rich activity that will serve as a base to look into what has happened, what can be learnt from it, and what can be done better; responding to needs and barriers that we have become more aware of. Through this we wish to ‘interrogate’ the organisation, seeking advice through mentorship sessions, inviting practitioners to be in dialogue with us and help us formulate ways of working and organising from now on. These mentorships will touch upon accessibility, community and best practice, and will be led by black, PoC or disabled practitioners, voices that we value as necessary in this process, but missing in our small, core team.

Aside from this more structural plan, our programme wants to keep engendering conversations on intersectional feminisms and their role in the crafting of alternatives–understanding value, economy and exchange from different perspectives. Particularly, we want to support the efforts of practitioners committed to honouring, sustaining and transmitting herstories - as a pivotal practice of remembrance and learning against erasure and omission. These projects look at how documentation, imagination, and storytelling play a crucial role in the making of possible worlds, building frameworks for an understanding of justice, solidarity, interdependence and care.

We want to continue creating opportunities for dialogue and learning, but with new urgencies grounding our reflections and guiding our actions.
As we take this as an ongoing, long-term task, we are also focusing on the immediate actions that need to be taken. We have made donations to #blmuk and to #ukqtibipoc hardship funds, and are committing more space in our upcoming programme to amplify the voices of black, queer, trans and PoC artists, now and in the future.

More info on programme coming soon!