JW 2020/21 Programme

06 September 2020
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During these past six months of pause and reflection, potential pathways for the future of Jupiter Woods have emerged. The desire that has developed, to reorganise and re-evaluate in a way that prioritises a more sustainable, inclusive and healthier way of working, has felt even more urgent in the context of events marked by COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter uprisings.

Jupiter Woods’ priority has always been to facilitate opportunities for individual and collective research and discourse through art; testing the possibility to form non-hierarchical spaces that support production and circulation through learning and unlearning. Due to support received from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund, we have been able to develop a programme that responds to this priority, and that wishes to further articulate research and questions emerged through six years of activity.

This six month programme is therefore formulated as three strands: organisational development through mentorships, research and development projects and publishing. A 'Research' section on our website has been created, as a space that will host conversations and research, making them visible over time.

Image credits:

1) Carl Gent, Girls Own Paper (detail) 2017-ongoing. Courtesy of the artist.

2) Sophie Mallett, Our Gelatinous Past, 2018 Video Still. Courtesy of the artist.

3) Michelle Williams Gamaker, still from The Fruit is There to be Eaten, HD single-channel video, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

4) Minia Biabiany & Nico Colón, personal photo, 2020. Courtesy of the artists.

5) Jasleen Kaur, Be Like Teflon, co-published by Glasgow Women's Library and Dent-de-leone in 2019, Photograph: Cara Connolly.

6) Evar Hussayni, Women In My History Part II, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

7) Harriet Middleton-Baker, Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) signifies excellence, magnificence, and success. An example of corporate floristry from

8) Winnie Herbstein, video still from Minutes shown in Brace, solo exhibition at Jupiter Woods, 2019. Image by Manuela Barczewski, courtesy the artist.

9) Raju Rage, Under/Valued Energetic Economy, shown at Jupiter Woods in 2018. Courtesy the artist.