Note on Future Programme and see you soon <3

04 March 2020
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Note on Future Programme, 4 March 2020

After six years of activity, Jupiter Woods is entering a new chapter, to adopt and embrace a renewed configuration.

This re-arrangement follows a 14-month period of amazingly intensive production, during which we produced and hosted 9 solo exhibitions, residencies and several onsite/offsite events.

This rich programme has allowed us to reflect upon and reevaluate the type of activity that we feel able to facilitate. That is, we are now questioning what our organisation can do with what has been done. This also connects to an interest developed over the years, in reassembling modes of institution-making in response to social and political configurations: we have been asking ourselves (and we continuously do so) what it means to be a small contemporary art organisation in an age of financialization, austerity cuts, rising nationalisms, and how we are able to address a need for shifts in mindsets, perspectives, attitudes and behaviours, through the alliances that we forge.

A refusal to keep adapting to patterns of marketisation leading to ongoing competition, exploitation, and others, is combined with a willingness to maintain a structure that moves and morphs, building the ground for multiple practices to gather and constitute the organisation itself; to exercise imagination for new forms of social compositions to emerge, where art can be practiced in line with its transformative potential.

Our desire is to keep facilitating opportunities for individual and collective research and discourse through art, testing the possibility to form non-hierarchical spaces that support production and circulation through learning and unlearning, as both individual and collaborative efforts. At the basis of this is the belief that an organisation needs to form through learning from the people that gather around its core, growing as an assemblage of ideas, a multitude of perspectives that refuse the single or binary mode of thinking.

This vision opens therefore even wider the breadth of forms and formats that Jupiter Woods will embrace: abandoning the mere focus on exhibition-making that was so present in the past few months, we will concentrate on the meanings and means of research, co-production, participation; working on occasions for gatherings and presentations that acknowledge how something is produced, made public, accessible. Attention to structures, processes, resources will be key, as we want to instigate a more careful, attentive and collectively responsible way of thinking project and art-making.

Jupiter Woods wishes to be more a co-participant than a service-provider: evaluating how publics are formed around these new assemblages that we will be contributing to form.

With this in mind, we are taking a break until summer 2020 to concentrate on our next chapter. We would like to sincerely thank everyone we have worked with thus far and look forward to sharing our new approach for the future.

With love,