Jupiter Woods is a London-based, non-profit art organisation that commissions new work and supports research by emerging and lesser-represented artists and practitioners.

Our activity is rooted in developing and experimenting with different methods of working, and in alternative formats for the production and presentation of writing, research and contemporary art. Jupiter Woods prioritises slow-paced production, research and active engagement as forms of instituting.

Since 2014 we have worked as an exhibition space, residency programme, research and studio facility located in a domestic setting in South-East London, with a focus on discursive events, solo exhibitions and publishing. Now in its sixth year, Jupiter Woods maintains its commitment to facilitating artistic and literary research and to forging and developing long-term collaborations.

For any enquiry, please email info@jupiterwoods.com


Jupiter Woods was established in early 2014 by Hanna Laura Kaljo, Lucy Lopez, Carolina Ongaro, Barnie Page, Cory Scozzari and Emma Siemens-Adolphe, with an exhibition space and residency facility in a domestic setting.

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