A Night With Jupiter Woods

05 February 2016

Screening and talk at Shanaynay, Paris

Dear Shanaynay,

Eighteen months at sea, we are now beginning to trace the contours of what constitutes this ambiguous being, Jupiter Woods. Thank you for inviting us to your space during our expedition to Paris.

From here we commence an exploration, questioning the conditions in which we operate and hoping to discover further trajectories, while forming new relationships and maintaining the already existent.

To bring forth some of the actants who have greatly shaped us seems therefore a meaningful response to your invitation, proposing continuous friendship, attention and care. We’ll be screening films by

Sanna Helena Berger
Eloise Bonneviot
Karen Kramer
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Sam Smith

P.S. When choosing to self-organise, what are the methods we decide to preserve and which are best unlearned?

Carolina Ongaro & Hanna Laura Kaljo