Claudia Pagès Rabal: Arrela’t, nena, arrela’t

07 December 2019

Claudia Pagès Rabal
Arrela’t, nena, arrela’t

Saturday 7 December, 7pm

@ The Wheelshunters Social Club
1 Hornshay St, London SE15 1HB

Join us for ‘Arrela’t, nena, arrela’t’, a performance by Claudia Pagès Rabal, concluding the artist’s residency at Jupiter Woods.

Arrela’t, nena, arrela’t is a project that takes shape in a book and a performance, working as a revisited operetta and its libretto, where narrative text and oral language are entwined. The book narrates different economies that unfold in a Barcelona’s neighborhood such as gleaners collecting objects, trading systems in flea markets and contemporary companies dealing with logistics and distribution like Amazon, Deliveroo or others. Meanwhile supermarket trolleys full of iron are pushed down the pedestrian sides, delivering bikers occupy the bike lines and other transportation logistics slide on the pavement.
The text also traces how the city plan has been modified for those logistics operations: starting in a flea market in a specific neighborhood, it follows the objects and movements all the way to the Barcelona Harbor and its cruise ships.

“Arrela’t nena, arrela’t” has been previously presented at MACBA (Barcelona, ES) on May 3rd, 2019 as part of the Idiorrítmies performance program. At HAU2 (Berlin, DE) on October 25th 2019 as part of 3hd Creamcake Berlin performance and music festival. A solo version of the performance has been presented at Bilder Bühne Plateaux (Samstagern, CH) and Centro Centro (Madrid, ES).

Performers: Claudia Pagès & Noela Covelo
Music Production: Pau Riutort
Fences: Martin Llavaneras
Costumes: Joe Highton
Design libretto: Sara V. Mallo

Claudia's residency is possible thanks to the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the framework of the Mobility grants (PICE) awarded by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

*** IMPORTANT! ***

We are part of the 'Project Space Christmas Party' happening on the same night, organised by Queerdirect with Almanac and Peak, at Unit 21 Penarth Centre - so we'll head there after! ♥