It's about creating the circumstances where we might fall in love

27 February 2016

In collaboration with FormContent.

'It's about creating the circumstances where we might fall in love' responds to Jupiter Woods invitation to address a set of research questions concerning different formats of programming and collaboration. For this event FormContent intends to particularly look into the notion of care and question its relation to ideas and processes of knowledge production rather than rhetorics of institutional agency. Through a day of screenings, readings and discussion, the present event aims at unraveling the concept of care while exploring its articulation within organizations such as Jupiter Wood and FormContent.

The event is conceived as part of "The Subject Interrupted", a new trajectory of projects that brings subjectivity back to the very core of FormContent investigation. Developing through diverse collaborations and initiatives the program explores the emergence of a practice by looking at the subject's most intimate territories, its attitudes and behavior, its elements of vulnerability and drives. FormContent is a curatorial initiative founded in 2007 by Pieternel Vermoortel, Francesco Pedraglio and Caterina Riva in London. It was established with the intent of exploring reciprocities between artistic and curatorial practices by experimenting with various modes of collaboration and exhibition formats. FormContent’s practice spans from exhibition making to independent publishing, commissioning new works and producing public events and performances. Operating as a chameleonic entity, over the years the organization has been rethinking its own structure from one program to the next and is currently extending its presence from London to Vienna as well as to other international contexts. FormContent is now run by Pieternel Vermoortel and Anca Rujoiu with Bianca Baroni, curator and Ashlee Conery, assistant curator.


During winter the growth of vegetative tissues and reproductive structures become minimal. When the Sun is low, we withdraw to inward-looking practice.

Jupiter Woods has spent the beginning of the New Year in quiet research, dwelling on questions derived from our programme and practice to date. These have centred on curatorial methods of care, collaborative work and ‘sustainability’ in our context, involving a four-day journey to Paris, where we met with a number of artist-run initiatives: 22 Rue Muller, Tonus, Shanaynay, La Maudite, Palette Terre and Castillo/Corrales along with Section 7 Books.

Expanding slowly, we invite you to the next phase of this exploration. It will be in the form of a series of public ‘peer mentoring’ events in February, looking to open up some of our questions in conversation with Radical Reading (Athens), Auto Italia (London) and FormContent (London and Vienna). Through this we hope to learn from each other, envisioning pathways for future practice.

This series is supported by Arts Council England.