Lukas Hofmann: A Rehearsal

04 August 2018

To conclude his residency at Jupiter Woods, Lukas Hofmann presented a new performance work in progress, that reflected the artist's experience and research undertaken over the month of July in London.

The gallery and the garden of Jupiter Woods became a serene scented environment for an immersive workshop, during which the audience was encouraged to take an active part in what usually is Hofmann’s rehearsing process, involving the performers prior his performative actions. Exercises concerned intimacy but also crude analysis, breathing exercises emphasising absence rather than presence. This situation aimed at generating a two-way exchange, allowing personal insight into the artist’s practice and performative strategy on one side, as well as to provide feedback to the artist on the other.

The performance featured contributions by Miranda Keyes, Marie Lüder and Maria Gorodeckaya.


Lukas Hofmann (b. 1993, Prague) was artist-in-residence at Jupiter Woods, London in July 2018. Hofmann’s work grows from the border between sculpture, performance, and styling, and aims to question contemporary individualism, states of uncertainty and territorial instability, through generating moments of intimacy.