Rebecca Moccia, Ministry of Loneliness: Premise

11 June 2022

Rebecca Moccia
Ministry of Loneliness: Premise

8-11 June 2022

Jupiter Woods is hosting Italian artist Rebecca Moccia in the first public presentation of Ministry of Loneliness, an ongoing research project developing thanks to the support of the Italian Council X artists’ international research grant issued by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The research, held in different geographical contexts (such as the UK, USA, Japan, and Italy), explores our current emotional state: particularly, pointing out our relationship with pain and loneliness, starting from the common experience of isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project takes off, practically and symbolically, from the Ministry of Loneliness, a ministry appointed in the United Kingdom in 2018 after the murder of the Labour MP Joe Cox, brutally murdered by a white supremacist (with the cry "This is for Britain!") while she was working on the so-called Commission on Loneliness. The commission had found that up to 18 % of British adults felt they are often or always alone, and drew up a national cross-governative Loneliness Strategy.

The British example has been followed in 2021 by other countries, such as Japan, in order to battle the increasing suicide rates aggravated by social isolation and the Covid-19 crisis.

Rebecca Moccia's work at Jupiter Woods comes after a recent artist’s residency period at Outset Climavore Residency in London and will be structured as follows:

8-10 June

The artist will spend time in the space, gathering testimonies and feedback on the personal and social experiences of loneliness, particularly in relation to the current economic and political systems regulating life in the UK today: questioning the Ministry of Loneliness roles and achievements and people’s understanding of it.

Saturday 11 June, 3 - 8pm

A public event will display the first research outcomes in the Jupiter Woods space.

Rebecca Moccia (Naples, 1992) is an Italian transdisciplinary artist. Her works have been exhibited at Italian Cultural Institute (Brussels), Morra Greco Foundation (Naples), Museo Novecento (Florence), Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence), Antonio Ratti Foundation (Como), MACRO (Rome), Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce (Genoa), ENSBA (Lyon), Academiae Youth Art Biennale (Brixen), among others.

Between 2020 and 2022, she was: artist fellow at Castro projects (Rome), artist in residence at Outset Climavore Residency (London), artist in residence at Casa degli Artisti (Milan), among the winners of “Cantica21”(MAECI-DGSP/MiC-DGCC) production and acquisition prize destined to the MAMbo-Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna collection, and among the founding members of AWI – Art Workers Italia.

Rebecca Moccia is represented by Mazzoleni (London-Turin).