Troubleshooting (remainders, ditches, trials)

19 February 2016

Radical Reading will present an account of their curatorial practice and speculations, a staging of an accumulated stack of hidden processes, pending projects, messy intentions; a summary of retrieved sensorial and archival materials arranged and performed in Jupiter Woods for an evening.

RR [RADICAL READING] is an Athens-based curatorial project, which has been dealing with the presentation of solo exhibitions as well as the theoretical and literary composite of heterogeneous elements that infiltrate and rearrange the sensible and the performative. RR was founded in 2014 by Evangelia Ledaki and Petros Moris.


During winter the growth of vegetative tissues and reproductive structures become minimal. When the Sun is low, we withdraw to inward-looking practice.

Jupiter Woods has spent the beginning of the New Year in quiet research, dwelling on questions derived from our programme and practice to date. These have centred on curatorial methods of care, collaborative work and ‘sustainability’ in our context, involving a four-day journey to Paris, where we met with a number of artist-run initiatives: 22 Rue Muller, Tonus, Shanaynay, La Maudite, Palette Terre and Castillo/Corrales along with Section 7 Books.

Expanding slowly, we invite you to the next phase of this exploration. It will be in the form of a series of public ‘peer mentoring’ events in February, looking to open up some of our questions in conversation with Radical Reading (Athens), Auto Italia (London) and FormContent (London and Vienna). Through this we hope to learn from each other, envisioning pathways for future practice.

This series is supported by Arts Council England.