Water finds its own level (vol II)

23 October 2017

Jupiter Woods and the Santander-based curatorial organisation fluent presented the event 'Water finds its own level (vol II)'. This marked the London edition of an ongoing series of events organised by fluent in various not-for-profit spaces across Europe. Following the first itinerancy at Enough Room for Space in Brussels, this second event furthered the project’s inquiry into notions of material uncertainty.

''Just imagine this now — a future where the boring and basic trivialities of the everyday are replaced with a life full of wonder, of joy and of brilliant relaxation.” This chapter at Jupiter Woods invited a small gathering around Ayami Awazuhara & Christopher Burman’s performative intervention and sound work ‘Conversation piece’. The work was commissioned and first performed at Bob’s Poho Bar, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin in 2017 and presented at Kunsthalle Lissabon in July this year. This was accompanied by a display of discursive research material around the concept of liquidity as it’s been thought through the ‘Water finds its own level’ project.

fluent is a non-profit organisation dedicated to contemporary art practices. It is committed to the development of research-based projects where hybrid forms of production, exhibition, publishing, debate and exchange take place. http://fluentfluent.org/

This event was kindly supported by Arts Council England.

Just embrace your environment, this allows your mind to be shapeless in a different way. No matter how loose the movements you make, you continue navigating through expansive pathways, barely conscious, trying to cede coordinates and traces. The environment is deep and vividly wet; you feel it in your skin.

The repetition of solid patterns and mechanical movements is what drives you here. Trying to unlearn and focus on what constitutes your behaviour, your thinking. The humid ground evokes a more pristine and amorphous kind of environment, and you allow yourself to slip into this liquid cosmology.

- fluent