Andrea Zucchini: Dark waters prefer low places

10 December 2017 — 13 January 2018
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Jupiter Woods is pleased to invite you to a solo presentation by Andrea Zucchini, showcasing a new body of work derived from the intimate experience of dwelling on Rollins Street and its neighbouring area. This project has been a means for him to relate to this hybrid, urban dumping ground and its connotations of trash, the abandoned and the relics of our lives, via connections to an inner dimension of anxiety, doubts and insecurities.

Who would have thought that by walking inner landscapes we would find MOTs, open bins, burnt scooters and a house with a leaking roof, a mouldy bathroom and a swamp in the place of a garden?

This presentation marks a significant development in Andrea’s practice, refining his inquiry into the entanglement of the inner, mental and emotional states with the outer, inhabited environment – specifically those of his own. The work begins to weaves a sticky ecology of the industrial touching the organic, the physical enmeshed with the emotional, the waking reality soaked in dream imagery.

Dark waters prefer low places will inhabit Jupiter Woods as a private presentation during which Andrea will hold conversations with invited guests in the form of studio visits. On 16 and 17 December, as well as 6 January, Jupiter Woods will open its doors to the public.