biotic/abiotic (offsite-Rome)

27 November 2014 — 24 January 2015
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Emily Jones
Karen Kramer
Anna Mikkola & Matilda Tjäder
Andrea Zucchini
Salvatore Arancio
Chiara Camoni
Maria Loboda
Jacopo Miliani

biotic/abiotic acts as a coming together of different habitats – curated by
Hanna Laura Kaljo and Lucy Lopez from the curatorial platform Jupiter Woods
in London, the project takes place at The Gallery Apart in Rome and involves
the collection of the Nomas Foundation.

The connectivity between the biotic (of living organisms) and abiotic (of
chemical and physical conditions), leads us to explore the dissolution of the
boundaries of nature and culture. Within this chosen division of biotic/abiotic,
the exhibition begins to explore different, contradictory and overlapping
strands: an intuitive use of language as interference into accepted narratives;
the distortion of the human experience of time when set against geological
phenomenon; the inadequacy of language in approaching matter.

biotic/abiotic contains an articulated difference: between the work of artists
with whom the curators have an ongoing working relationship, and works from
the collection of the Nomas Foundation in Rome. The exhibition is concerned
with the instability and connectivity at this interface.

An online publication accompanies the exhibition, developing throughout its
duration and including material by the artists and curators. This acts as a
potential continuation of the exhibition space, contextualizing the propositions
set out by the show.



curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo and Lucy Lopez

The Gallery Apart, Rome, Italy