Exquisite Collapse (offsite-Leeds)

04 February 2015 — 25 February 2015
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Salvatore Arancio
James Balmforth
Emily Jones
Marcus Kleinfeld
Fay Nicolson
Marianne Spurr
Viktor Timofeev

"Cut words into pieces and scramble them"
Brion Gysin

Gysin's cut­up machine shuffles and upsets semantic orders. It abstracts concepts of reality imposed on us and brings together what is apparently incompatible. The process of shattering and decoding words and images has the potential to exceed existing myths and the official systems upon which we base our knowledge.

Modern sensibility has developed through a rhythm of metaphoric destructions and reconstructions in media including painting, assemblages, sculpture and poetry. We can here find a similar approach in reference to our present time. A constant state of uncertainty and fragmentation instigates an attempt to question the efficacy as well as the reliability of fixed categories and given meanings.

By celebrating processes of spontaneity and chance, the artists in the exhibition participate in a polymorphic conversation around the potential of generating loose and asynchronous associations of words, images and materials over the dominant tendency to rely on predetermined schemas.

When belief systems collapse, it is indeed our time to re­shuffle and rearrange the pieces of the puzzle into alternative combinations.


curated by Carolina Ongaro

blip blip blip, Leeds, UK