Georgia Lucas-Going: 'MISSES EVERYTHING'

30 August 2019 — 22 September 2019
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Georgia Lucas-Going


30 August – 22 September 2019

PV: Friday 30 August, 6-9pm

Open Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm and by appointment.

‘Anything i got you. Let’s make this happen.’

‘I am not even joking’

'Too much!!...she’s my goals rn’

‘Didn’t even think you were’

‘This is very important’

‘I was shook. Still am!’

‘I miss you’.

'MISSES EVERYTHING' stems from a year-long conversation between Georgia Lucas-Going and curator Katie Simpson, in collaboration with The Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths, responding to how we can thrive through everyday acts of resistance. Focusing on group chats, facetime and site specific methods of working, the exhibition seeks to address power dynamics within the institution and continues Lucas-Going’s dismantling of hierarchies and boundaries within materials, language and space. 'MISSES EVERYTHING' prioritises making space for hidden or undocumented conversations whilst coping with homesickness, thinking about death as a way to live and the result of not being around the ones that make us feel at home. By considering gossip and listening as being deeply rooted in community and self building, Lucas-Going reclaims territory abandoned by the institution, and utilises disruption in a public space as an act of sharing work with a choice of entering the gallery space or not.

What is the first thing you would say seeing someone come back from the dead?

'Oh my god’.

'ONGOING' - 2019


The Galaxy,

The mall shopping centre,


'Non performers',

'Non Dancers'

Everything that we are told we are not good at or need a qualification for,

Humor x 100000,

Power Dynamics,



The internet (beware 2nd hand information and vacuous),


Performance as a survival technique,

The color pink,


Bootay shakers,

The West Indies specially Barbados,


My Mother and Father (RIP),

Sci Fi as a survival technique,



Mental Health,

Sub woofers,

Dressing up as other things,

Reasons to get uncomfortable,



Friends above the age of 45yrs old,

Exciting poetry,

My Blackness / whiteness,

Knowing that art will not save the world

The exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England, The Women’s Art Library and Feminist Review, ARLIS UK & Ireland Art Libraries Society.

For more information or to book an appointment please send us an email: info@jupiterwoods.com.