Holly White: I need your love is that true

21 October 2016 — 05 November 2016
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I was living in a brand new 3 bedroom semi-detached out on a wide road of identical houses. They were all still empty apart from mine. The street lights weren’t connected yet but I had fixed up some solar panels on my roof. I used most of the power generated to light my house, but anything left over I used to light the street on nights like this.

I made some noodles with apricots and went to sleep too early on the grass out front of the house with the whole road left light.

I need your love is that true is a solo exhibition by Holly White.


Beatrice and Holly S01E01 The Apartment Video 6mins12
Collaboration with Beatrice Loft Schulz Music by Remains

Is that true space eclipse blanket Machine knitted by Chloe Forestier-Walker

Flowers Skipped from the Covent Garden flower market with Alice McCabe

I need your love is that true heartbreak library Currently reference only, seeking donations Featuring flowerzine by Alice McCabe

Thinking about our new flat Video 07mins07 Starring Hannah Proctor

Beeswax mobile In the residency bedroom (not available for public viewing)

Shipping forecast Audio 10mins27
In the backroom, through the kitchen
Recorded at, and by, the Serpentine Galleries’ Miracle Marathon, read by Rachel Baker and Onyeke Igwe. Video featuring Chloe Morgan.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England.