Jaakko Pallasvuo: Song

24 July 2015 — 09 August 2015
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Is this show 'about' something? There's no project, outlook, or statement. The work is cute. Looks like 2007, before the crash. I'm listening to Wilco. I wish it was 2007 again.

I ask:
What the fuck should I say about all this work that I've done?

I Ching says:
Self-discipline brings success; but restraints too binding bring self-defeat.



I am stuck in traffic in a taxicab
which is typical
and not just of modern life

mud clambers up the trellis of my nerves
must lovers of Eros end up with Venus
muss es sein? es muss nicht sein, I tell you

how I hate disease, it's like worrying
that comes true
and it simply must not be able to happen

in a world where you are possible
my love
nothing can go wrong for us, tell me

– Frank O'Hara, 1960


For the duration of one month JupiterWoods is host to Jaakko Pallasvuo, JW's sixth artist-in-residence, both in the gallery and on Instagram @jupiter_woods. Song features new works made during the first half of the residency, while Pallasvuo will continue to inhabit the gallery as a studio space. The artist has invited Luca George to perform at the opening.

This residency with Jaakko Pallasvuo is the first at JupiterWoods to benefit from a grant provided by Arts Council England.