Jala Wahid: Promise Me ژاڵه‌ واحد: به‌ڵێن بده‌

02 July 2016 — 24 July 2016
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له‌ په‌رداخی وه‌نه‌وشه‌یی
چاوی ترم پێك هه‌ڵداوه‌
پێش نامه‌ی تۆ
قژی گه‌لێك نامه‌ی ترم داهێناوه‌


Jala Wahid (b. 1988) is an artist based in London. Recent exhibitions include Basic Instinct, Seventeen; CONDO, The Sunday Painter; and Your Mouth Is An Open Grave, All Welcome. She is also co-founder of SALT. magazine.

Jupiter Woods, Vienna