Josip Novosel: Opportunism

28 February 2016 — 06 March 2016
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Jupiter Woods Vienna
"Interest meets interest means more interesting. Intellectualism is a kind of interest that is mostly grounded by it disability to expose in a proper way. Nowadays we still have an avantgarde movement. It is online and very much for free. Trolling under pictures, unpopular music. Covermusic, and the neverending ocean of images. However. Avantgarde is a state of mind that is truly revolutional. Everybody does the avantgarde thing. Feeding the internet with Nonsense hoping for recognition. Near to fame and money. You could compare this way of thinking or doing,like those scenes in movies where they want to show disillusional behaviour. Like the actor is in the night going through the streets and is blinded by all those teasers like the lasvegas cowboy or sexy legs or a martini glas flip floping an olive from side to side. In Neonlights.

However what combines us all is the inner need of being eternal. To leave a footprint on history either through DNA or just something. Really just something. Like this guy back in the 2000 that lost a bet in Las vegas and had really hairy boobs after the bet. As far as I understood the principle of CERN they shoot constantly things in a circulation and see what is happening. Shooting molecules till they collapse. So maybe the mainpart of eternity is

The constant circulation of failure. Every gesture gets very important for fullfill the causalities. My show at jupiter woods explores eternety through gestures caused by me. Based on the Bugchasing (2014/16) which are bitten apples. I was thinking about the relation between sculpture and photography. In a way to bite in an apple is an instant gesture that causes the „dead“ of the apple. After minutes you see already the rottening process. By arranging the apples in an enviroment and document it get somehow eternal. In certain circles there is a myth which is actually real that people like to infect themselves with HIV. In the relation to the apples it is a search for a better world with no fear and no causing consequences that might let collapse your life. Saying goodbye to the reality/ to the misconception /to the consequences Combining the medias sculpture and photography i wanted to state a constant circulation. Like through the dates of time and the involved process it starts to circulate so fast that it Stops existing."

text by Josip Novosel