Lisa Radon: Wholeness Engine

02 September 2016 — 08 October 2016
This is a text box

enter now the Gatespace

unfolding and enfolding, eightways

the squared circle squared (with gates)
reflections of wholenesses many and one

can we say it is a flower?

a wild one or say it is a weed
and we will take it for our own

now circle the new new tender(s)
curl-footed bright

mysteries love company

and so it begins

she draws

again a synthetic rose
centered on the vesica, on the
first proposition

this is not a coincidence

there are two spirals and they are one

“Perfect is what I have said of the work of the sun.”

Lisa Radon, 2016

Jupiter Woods is pleased to present Wholeness Engine, a solo exhibition by Lisa Radon.

Lisa Radon (Portland, USA) has recently made work for Muscle Beach (Portland), RONGWRONG (Amsterdam), the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), Artspeak (Vancouver, B.C.), Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR), Pied-à-terre (San Francisco), and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Her books include The Blind Remembrance of the Swirling Bone (Ditch Projects/Artspeak, 2015), Infinity Increaser (PICA, 2015), The Plumb and The Wave (Pied-à-terre, 2014), and Prototyping Eutopias (2013). She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Wholeness Engine is kindly supported by The New Foundation in Seattle and Arts Council England.