Maria Gorodeckaya: SE15

07 August 2019 — 23 August 2019
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Jupiter Woods invites you to an exhibition by Maria Gorodeckaya, which will manifest in a cycle of three events. Combining sculpture, music and performance, in SE15 Gorodeckaya continues an investigation into the power dynamics within which identities are determined through both affective and affected bodies.

7th of August, the first quarter of the moon, - performance from 8pm till 10 pm;

the artist would like to thank: 

Mateo Dupleich Rozo for developing the choreography

Angel Steele for producing “Swirl”
Special thanks to Adrian, Aidan, Aitor, Arthur, Ben, Caspar, Charles, Felix, Hamish, Jacob, James, Joe, Jonny, Josh, Mark, Meshach, Michael, Misha, Oluwaseun, Robyn and Sam.

Reading group on the full moon of the 15th of August discussing Morna Finnegan’s article “The politics of Eros” that seeks to reconnect sex, power, and culture in a positive sense, by identifying a political system in which power is kept in motion through the body.

On the last quarter of the moon, the 23rd of August - the installation is open to the public for one evening.

Image credits: Simon Parris (Performance shots) / Maria Gorodeckaya (Installation shots).

Image from the event 'Reading of The Politics of Eros' and conversation with Morna Finnegan, on 7th August