remarks upon method: Karen Kramer, Epona's Well

18 June 2015 — 28 June 2015
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For the duration of ten days, Jupiter Woods is host to Epona’s Well, a presentation by Karen Kramer.

Epona’s Well is a body of found fragments of artefacts and organic remains spanning centuries and diverse species (some already, some soon extinct); fractured gadgets from the early days of technological acceleration juxtaposed with fossils; a hex; and other elements. The objects have been harvested from the shores of the river Thames, extracted form an abundant and cryptic archive of discarded remnants, sculpted or disfigured by the current.

Epona was a goddess in the Gallo-Roman tradition, a protector of horses and a symbol of fertility. Epona’s Well is both depository and reliquary, memorial and inventory; offerings from the river to the race horse. The mare broke her leg during The Great Match in 1975, but kept on running into her death. She was buried into the tracks, nose facing the finish line.

An online element will continuously grow at www.eponaswell.com

remarks upon method lays the foundation for a study of methodology, shifting the attention onto the trajectory of research. A reading room accompanies the presentation, operating as an adjacent display of reference material, approaching themes derived from Kramer's practice. This is a curatorial project by Hanna Laura Kaljo, exploring 'intimate' strategies for engaging with research-led artistic practices.

This project is the first in a series of conversational presentations at Jupiter Woods benefitting from a grant provided by Arts Council England.


curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo