Resident / Longshore Drift (offsite-Helsinki)

22 April 2016 — 01 May 2016
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Sanna Helena Berger
Rob Chavasse
Maria Gorodeckaya
Emily Jones
Josip Novosel
Viktor Timofeev
The Mycological Twist
Matilda Tjäder
Holly White

Resident / Longshore Drift is a collective off-site project by four of six Jupiter Woods’ (UK/Austria) founding members: Hanna Laura Kaljo, Lucy Lopez, Carolina Ongaro and Cory Scozzari. For the duration of ten days, Jupiter Woods will reside in Sorbus as a temporary resident, cultivating a project comprising a time-based exhibition and events’ programme, centred on the curators’ and visitors’ embodied presence within an installation that draws on the physical infrastructure of Jupiter Woods’ London and Vienna locations. Following a two-day installation and acquaintance period, the exhibition will open to the public on Friday 22nd April and continue to form over the weekend on the basis of a series of commissioned objects, gestures and acts by ten of the platform’s past and future collaborators, enacted by the curators and the public.

Longshore Drift refers to a geographical process that consists of the transportation of sediments along a coast at an angle to the shoreline, dependent on prevailing wind direction, swash and backwash. Considering this project as a bridge, a present moment inevitably pushing us from the past to the future, it presents a situation in which people and objects are arranged, materials are pushed back and forward: commissioned objects and instructions become placeholders for their producers, remnants of actions accumulate as material debris, while questions of care are encouraged to emerge to the forefront.

The events’ schedule and interview of Jupiter Woods can be found below.

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Sorbus is an artist-run space in Helsinki, Finland.

This project is supported by Arts Council England and Frame Visual Arts Finland.
Sorbus is supported by Kone foundation.


The installation will be open for public 22. April – 1. May

FRIDAY 22nd April:

18.00–21.00 Sporadic readings of texts by Maria Gorodeckaya and Matilda Tjäder.
20.00 Screening of Lingua Franca (2012) by Emily Jones (5’14’’)

SATURDAY 23rd April, from 14.00

Attendance limited, please sign up by writing to sorbusgalleria@gmail.com
A 45 minute threefold exercise routine, composed by S E I D and consisting of:
Thinking – 15 min free association writing exercise
Willing – 15 min exercise to warm the solar plexus
Feeling – 15 min mediation of Impermanence

S E I D is an educational project that is experimental by nature and committed to a holistic and interdisciplinary approach spanning art, design, agriculture, handcrafts and practical skills. Based in Jutland, DK, they collaborate with relative organisations across diverse and remote rural locations in Scandinavia, each offering a specific interest.

SUNDAY 24th April, from 17.00

Attendance limited, please sign up by writing to sorbusgalleria@gmail.com

A performed gameplay, composed by Viktor Timofeev and executed by Jupiter Woods. (approx 20 minutes)

Followed by:
A vegan dinner, composed and designed by Holly White.

SUNDAY 1st May, from 11.00

A short healing ceremony, composed by The Mycological Twist and executed by Jupiter Woods.

The Mycological Twist is a permanent installation located in Jupiter Woods’ garden since summer 2014. The garden functions as the central node for research stemming from artistic, theoretical and scientific interests in the concept of the garden as a managed ecology.