SAGG NAPOLI: Si na bugij pi cosc lisc e o smalt ngopp all’ogn You're a lie with smooth thighs and painted nails

26 June 2017 — 23 July 2017
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For the duration of three weeks, SAGG NAPOLI occupied the premises of Jupiter Woods - both online and offline - to develop a cumulative presentation, unfolding as a series of events, publishing material, and physical actions. Interventions in these spaces both unravelled and re-organised SAGG NAPOLI’s body of work, as her research material expanded and contracted in turn.

SAGG NAPOLI’s work uses narration as a tool to examine a complex socio-political knot: that of the South, its historical traces and geo-political entanglements. Placing the body within a specific time and context, she reflects on notions of productivity, self-control and achievement. The time is that of current divisions between peoples and countries, amid increasing territorial acts and cultural biases; the context is that of Naples, the city of her birth.

Taking Naples as a starting point, the artist narrates the specific history of the city: one of domination, and of struggle, liable to absorb and react to foreign models. Through a practice of critical observation and auto-biographical, intimate immersion, the film, sculptures and publishing materials piece together fragments of a complex reality - that of Naples, the South - responding to the North. The body - and bodywork - becomes a tool for personal as well as political action.


demonstration #1

30 June, 8 – 11pm The first of three events, launching the solo presentation by SAGG NAPOLI. demonstration #1 introduced a selection of musical influences and trends specific to the city of Naples.

demonstration #2

02 July, 2 – 4pm demonstration #2 comprised a workout and conversation with invited fitness trainer Chantelle Blackman. This involved eight participants.

demonstration #3

06 July, 7 – 9pm The final event marked a moment for dialogue and collective questioning, accompanied by a display of archival and research material. SAGG NAPOLI was in conversation with curators and writers Bianca Stoppani, Rosanna Puyol and Carolina Ongaro, addressing the themes of the presentation, as well as her broader body of work.

ONLINE: Please visit the online element of the presentation here.

This project is kindly supported by Arts Council England.