Sitting Amongst: Gaia Di Lorenzo and Pietro Librizzi

20 August 2018 — 09 September 2018
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“Table conviviality is loaded with a variety of feelings. The objects immediately close to us relate and affect our emotions relate and affect, relate and affect them again:

forks spoons cherry tomatoes tablecloth glasses dishes creamy-bottoms-to draw-on fartsounds-of-chairs

spillages-more-paintings breadcrumb-wars and sculptures globular

rectangular circular solids sounds of metal crystal and wood spits of hotness Too hot mum!

Damn I told you! chewed balls of un-desire.”

From the 20 August - 9 September, Jupiter Woods invites artists Gaia Di Lorenzo and Pietro Librizzi to take over the gallery space and develop their long-standing dialogue. Works and materials will be brought together and presented in response to Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, read to them both as children by their mothers. Disparate items will be considered in relation to one another: materials, references, elements of architecture and narratives will combine to form a whole, in accordance with their shared logic. This process of gathering becomes the lens through which the text and its traditions are perceived and scrutinised: a history that unifies, divides, and now calls for new meanings.

Consuming meals is the common denominator for both the subject of the works (the tales) and for the process (collaboration). People sitting at the table appear in almost every tale of Calvino’s book, as an essential and unavoidable thematic thread. Table time is a supernatural equaliser between characters: not only between people sitting around a table, but also between human being and nature, between the one who harvests, the one who cooks, and the one who eats.

Taking this as a mutual resource for their works, the artists will build a table to be placed at the centre of the gallery space: this will bring together elements of their past works, personal belongings and materials as found objects. The table was the central element for a first gathering on the 28th of August: a planned dinner during which guests were invited to bring a food or object close to them, encased then in the table by liquid sugar after.

Following the first event, this mutual process of making unfolded until the 5th September, when the material result of the dialogue and contamination between their practices opens its doors to the public for five days.