this place is really nowhere

01 May 2015 — 24 May 2015
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Josephine Callaghan
Andrea De Stefani
Felix Melia
Marco Strappato
Sam Smith

The myth of wilderness. A nowhere, imagined place; a territory still suitable for intervention. A construction.
Spaces we create, a projection of meanings; but what meanings, whose ones?
A grid extends in front of us, upon us and with us, absorbs bodies; it divides up space, unequally,
unevenly, and creates the illusion of a permanent, stable position in the world.
I stare at a landscape painting, I no longer recognise this stability. I feel surrounded by picturesque
screens, dizziness. The frame falls apart, I need another perspective.

'this place is really nowhere' invites artists Josephine Callaghan, Andrea De Stefani, Felix Melia, Sam Smith and Marco Strappato to reflect on present modes of engaging with space from the viewpoint of a Western-landscape tradition. Framing nature and the surroundings has defined an aesthetic, visual experience that calls for new paradigms of vision and thought. Reflecting upon current ways of experiencing architecture and the lived environment, a state of transition and mobility is opposed to stable certainties and fixed parameters of inhabiting the world.

Here, Jupiter Woods is conceived as a space-in-becoming. A container hosting potentiality on the inside, and affected by processes of endless development and transformation on the outside. Through a contemplation of landscape as modern construction, the human/nature divide it fosters becomes material to reflect upon; to soften the rigidity of framing systems and envision new spaces for intervention - elsewhere or nowhere.


curated by Carolina Ongaro