28 May 2018 — 01 September 2018

Jupiter Woods and chats

Over the 2018 summer months, Jupiter Woods collaborated with chats to engender a space for sharing and meeting in the renovated garden. During their residency, chats fitted a kitchen in the Jupiter Woods’ premises and acted as an extension of the gallery in a active cafe/canteen capacity.

chats is a South-East London based food and socialising project, run by Leah Walker, Berry Patten and Dannie Russo. chats ethos is about offering a platform whilst recognising labour and fair exchange through collaborations. The open hours are improvised and played out in response to the circumstances; there is no fixed formula to faking it.

Through this collaboration, Jupiter Woods continued to generate occasions for collectivity and conviviality in the meeting of multiple practices. The space so conceived became ground for new encounters, tentative projects, germinal conversations; tests and trials.

The decontamination shower programmed by Henry Stringer was active at intervals throughout.