Jenny Moore

20 June 2016 — 27 June 2016

Throughout this week, Jenny Moore inhabited Jupiter Woods' space with two drum kits, tuned percussion, cardboard, lyric sheets, sticks, Sharpies, and a shifting roster of performers who used the gallery as a private rehearsal space. Performers joined in at varying times to work through a series of compositions written by Moore, improvising and arguing their way into the final large group, performing the new piece at a public rehearsal on Saturday 25. June.

Jenny Moore is joined by Manuela Barczewski, Kate Bones, Simon Clark, Mario D'Agostino, Helen Davidson, Rachel Horwood, Andrew Kershaw, Sophie Mallet, Fay Nicolson, Sophie Ramsay, Rosalie Schweiker, Heloise Tunstall-Behrens, Raimond Wong and others.

‘Mystic Business’ was presented within Jupiter Woods’ programme focusing on the affective realm of the individual, while exploring the formation of interpersonal dynamics. This new series was composed of various degrees from performance-based residencies to exhibitions and events, carefully fluctuating between the public and private, displayed and withdrawn. The above furthered Jupiter Woods' ongoing investigation into meaningful modes of 'making public' and methodology of care relating to curatorial and artistic work.