Forest Rangers: The Artelnative II

04 October 2018

The Artelnative II

4th October 2018, 6.30-8pm

For this second reading group exploring alternative art spaces as common resources, join us in the garden of Jupiter Woods with curator Katie Simpson (Jupiter Woods) and Phil Serfaty (Black Tower Projects) as we discuss the role of alternative art organisations, producing publics and the relation between the art public and the counter public.

All reading material will be provided on site and texts can also be found here.

This event will take place as part of Art Licks Peripheries, exploring how grassroots spaces and projects actively situate themselves on the edges of the art market. The aim is to discuss new structures as ways of establishing alternative creative working systems and new possibilities of access.

Forest Rangers is a reading group exploring the current state of the commons and their possible future. Each session will expand on one of five topics: alternative art spaces, natural resources, education, open source economics and outer space migration. Through this we hope to establish a comprehensible set of understandings and goals to nurture our common resources. Each group is led by a researcher in order to spark conversation and prompt ideas, inviting participants to share their experiences and thoughts. The project is organised by Diaspore, a research platform founded by artist Lou-Atessa Marcellin and will be hosted at Jupiter Woods for its entire duration, culminating in the recording of 5 podcasts and a live event in December 2019.