Carl Gent: Over the fallow flood

08 September 2021 — 03 October 2021
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11 Sept - 3 Oct 2021

PV: Wednesday 8th Sept, 6-9pm, performance starting at 8pm
Closing performance: Sunday 3rd October, 3pm

Opening dates: Every Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm until Sunday 3rd Oct

✨ Please wear a face mask inside the space and we advise you to have a negative Covid result before arriving ✨

Please note the main exhibition space is wheelchair accessible. Regrettably, the rear exhibition space and toilet are not accessible. Video and text documentation of the full exhibition will be available upon request. If you have any questions with regards to access requirements please email us at info@jupiterwoods.com.


Cynethryth is as much about whiteness as it is about storytelling. How meaning gets enmeshed into stuff. How form embarrasses us, how it dredges up shameful truths indifferent to the fallacious histories and speech acts announced against it. This shame can come about twice. Either as a papered-over atrocity; an ill that reannounces itself via a haunting or a deluge that bursts through papery walls, gone wet with proximity. The closer a printed word gets to its intended target, the more sodden its mistruths become until a breach occurs. The second shame is the inverse of this, virtue or the benign somehow sloughing through any defamatories that have been grafted onto them. The failure of the weld. An apparatus-collapse. You would have felt this before, a pull toward something unreferenced. Some kind of material truth that refutes the world as presented, as agreed upon.

Over the fallow flood is an exhibition of sculptures, texts, audio work and performances made during Carl Gent’s extensive research and development period hosted by Jupiter Woods in 2020-21. It marks the first of two sister shows showcasing Gent's recent work that looks into rehistoricising the biography of Cynethryth, eighth-century Queen of Mercia, to reflect on the ways in which patriarchal powers control how our culture is documented and recorded.

Over the fallow flood is co-commissioned by Jupiter Woods, London and Flatland Projects, Bexhill-on-sea.

Carl Gent
is an artist from Bexhill-on-sea, UK. Their recent work has sought to rehistoricise and refictionalise the life of Cynethryth, eighth-century Queen of Mercia. This has involved live publishing, the building of community carnival floats, forced-feeding with pigeon-shaped cakes and the construction of wishing-well cesspits.

Carl’s collaboration with singer and researcher Kelechi Anucha looking at the passage of English folk music into church song is currently on show as a series of sculptural and sonic interventions at The Museum of English Rural Life, Reading for The Commons: Reenchanting the World and will feature as a part of and then, a harrowing at Wysing Arts Centre in Autumn 2021.

In 2019 they collaborated with artist Linda Stupart in producing All Us Girls Have Been Dead for So Long, a feature-length musical that was commissioned by the ICA as a part of the live programme for I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker. They have upcoming solo exhibitions at Jupiter Woods, London and Flatland Projects, Bexhill-on-sea and are publishing their first book, Felon Herb expanding on their manufacture of absinthe at KELDER PROJECTS in 2017. They were one of the recipients of Artangel's inaugural Thinking Time grant, have new writing published in Happy Hypocrite #12: Without Reduction; and At Practice and have recently exhibited and performed at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow; ICA, London; De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-sea and for Transmissions, episode 2.

This project is generously supported by Arts Council England and the Exhibitions Hub, Goldsmiths University of London.

Image credits © Manuela Barczewski